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Astro Babies Have Landed On Planet Solana!

Astro Babies are 3 NFT collections of Badass Degens building the Astro Club Metaverse on Solana. OG Astro Babies are the first collection of only 5,000, randomly generated NFT’s, set to drop & ready to kick ass!

Astro Club

Astro Gallery/Astro Casino are the 2 parallel’s to the Astro Club Metaverse. Every Astro Babies NFT will be 3D rendered for interactive gameplay! Every Astro Babies purchase receives an airdrop of companion characters!

Tesla Giveaway!

To kick off the launch of the Astro Club Metaverse, 1 lucky winner will have a chance at a brand new Tesla Model 3 & a 1/1 Astro Babies NFT! Click this link for more info!

Astro Club is re imagining the NFT Marketplace & Crypto Casino Powered by Solana!

Astro Babies are about to land on Planet Solana. Their Mission is to manifest the Vision of a Metaverse furthering the Adoption of the Solana ecosystem. But first, a safe landing is in order. Allocation & Airdrop of all 3 Astro Babies Collections must occur.

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NFT limited supply!
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Astro Babies are an NFT collection of Badass Degen’s that give access to the Astro Club Metaverse being built on Planet Solana. Each Astro babies NFT will receive a 3D rendering as a playable character in the Metaverse.

The Astro Club is a Metaverse being built on Planet Solana. A first of its kind, consisting of 2 parallel’s. The Astro Gallery is one half, serving as a marketplace to buy, sell and auction NFT’s on Solana as well as an interactive gallery for Astro Babies holders.

The other half is the Astro Casino, a place where the Astro Babies holder can take part in their favourite slot and tables games as well as weekly poker tournaments to name a few.

OG Astro Babies are the first collection of the Astro Club Metaverse set for whitelist release beginning on the 4th of October, 2021.

The white listing process will happen on our official website At this time, each whitelisted account will be eligible to purchase 1 OG Astro Babies NFT for 3 SOL. We are targeting a 3 SOL purchase price due to the volatility in the most recent weeks  , price will be determine a few days before official pre-sale.

Astro Babies are the first of its kind NFT collection to inhabit a Metaverse consisting of an NFT gallery and Crypto Casino on the Solana blockchain.

The team has learned from the successes and pitfalls of similar projects on Ethereum, taking these lessons and implementing them into what we feel will be one of the most competitive Metaverses to date.

Imagine a VR interactive NFT gallery where you can participate in events with fellow Astro Babies collectors. This Gallery will double as a traditional marketplace with a website front end where you can buy, sell and auction NFT’s on the Solana platform. The race to create the “Opensea” of Solana is on and Astro Gallery will be at the forefront of this movement.

To this date, we have yet to see a well established crypto casino on Solana and Astro Casino is positioned to be the go to spot for Crypto games and rewards. A first of its kind, Astro Gallery will also host the interactive experience live where Astro Babies collectors can take part in weekly poker tournaments among others to win exclusive prizes.

$ABB is the official token of the Astro Club Metaverse, set to offer discounts for buying, selling and auctioning NFT’s in the Astro Gallery. Also, $ABB will be benefit users in the Astro Casino as the official transaction system to win exclusive rewards to those who hold the token.

Team Members

Mark Al.

Founder & Visionary


Content Co-ordinator


Design & Technical Strategy

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Community & Management


Media Marketing


Media Marketing


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